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21. Gagarina / Od Nowa station will be close till 5 october. 

We appologise for the inconvenience.


CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICE IS OPEN 24 hours per day, 7 days a week




How to use Torvelo ?

Sign up at, accept the rules and then pay 10 PLN (20 PLN recommended) in the Personal Lender Account. 
After registration you will receive an e-mail with a Login and a PIN. PIN you can change on your account in the tab CHANGE PIN
The charge for using Torvelo is automatically deducted from the Personal Lender Account via a secure online payment system.
Your Personal Lender Account is active (so you can rent bikes) if you have 10 PLN.

How to rent the bike:

  1. Approach the terminal at the chosen station, turn it on and follow the instructions on the screen. 
  2. Next, enter the lock number, which holds the bike you want to rent 
  3. On the screen, there will be also a code for the safety lock displayed (in case you would like to lock the bike somewhere outside the station). The code must be remembered. (If you forget it please call: 56 64 17 990)
  4. Go to the bike, press the sensor of the blockade that holds the bike and go!

How to return the bike:

  1. Approach the chosen TORVELO station and insert the item of the bicycle, which is beneath the carrier, into the hole in the lock. 
  2. Make sure that the bike is parked properly - try to pull it back. If you cannot do that, it means that everything is in order. You gave back the bike properly. 

Be ECO, use Torvelo !

Torvelo is a self-serviced bike rental system, which consists of 40 stations (including two sponsoship station) and 400 bikes. The stations are spaced every few hundred meters, which makes it easy to reach the selected area at any time. Bydgoski Rower Aglomeracyjny is a modern and environmentally friendly complementation of the city transport system. It operates 24 hours a day in the spring, summer and autumn. 

Free period of useFree period of useMinimal balanceMinimal balanceMax. rentalsMax. rentalsPricePriceSign UpSign Up
20 min 10 zł 1 bike 10 zł Sign Up
24 h 0 zł 2 bikes 15 zł Sign Up
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Station occupancy

Stations Available bikesAvailable bikes Free docksFree docks
01A. Rynek Nowomiejski19
01B. Rynek Nowomiejski015
02. Plac Świętej Katarzyny312
03A. Plac Rapackiego114
03B. Plac Rapackiego010
04. Plac 18 Stycznia / PKP Toruń Miasto411
05. Szosa Chełmińska / Targowisko Miejskie510
06A. Biblioteka Universytecka012
06B. Biblioteka Universytecka211
07. Broniewskiego / Tesco78
08. Generała Hallera / Basen312
09. Zbożowa87
10A. PKP Toruń Główny013
10B. PKP Toruń Główny102
11. Dziewulskiego / Targowisko69
12. Konstytucji 3 Maja141
13. Dąbrowskiego / Dworzec Autobusowy69
14. Wały Generała Sikorskiego / Urząd Miasta114
15. Generała Józefa Bema / Tor-Tor114
17. Bażyńskich96
18. PKP Toruń Wschodni96
19. Kościuszki / Świętopełka312
20. Mickiewicza / Tujakowskiego114
21. Gagarina / Od Nowa114
22. Rydygiera / Donimirskiego87
23. Kolankowskiego / Kosynierów96
24. Świętego Klemensa / Świętego Józefa015
25. Legionów / Rondo Czadcy312
26. Bydgoska / Konopnickiej96
27. Legionów / Trasa Średnicowa141
30. Watzenrodego / Ugory510
31. Grudziądzka / Kozacka96
33. Targowa213
34. Poznańska411
35. Szosa Chełmińska / Podgórna150
36. Gagarina / Polomarket213
37. Pętla Rubinkowo87
42. Rydygiera / Szosa Lubicka411
48. Łódzka / Okólna213
51. Iwanowskiej / Prufferów105
52. Bydgoska / Park Miejski96
53. Jana Sobieskiego / Garbaty Mostek114
56. Broniewskiego / Sienkiewicza123
59. Szosa Chełmińska / Północ87
60. C.H. KOMETA213
61. Atrium Copernicus312
62. Toruń Plaza114
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